Guest chef project


Many people from various cultures come together on a university campus, where there is not only much cultural exchange, but also homesickness. 

We would like to contribute to this cultural exchange with our guest chef project and at the same time offer a little bit of “home on a plate.”

How does that work?

Cooking is done differently in different cultures: In India, the spices are often first roasted in the pan. In Germany, this is a taboo. In Chile, on the other hand, people like to completely leave out spices.

The goal of our guest chef project is to prepare the dishes authentically, just like how the guest chefs know from home. This is a challenge for our kitchen staff because where can we get the most authentic ingredients in such high quantities? And what makes a dish appropriate for the mensa?

How to participate in #Guestchef


Simply send in a recipe from your home country. Tell us what you find special about the recipe and where the recipe is from (country and region). Our team will test whether the dish can be recreated in a commercial kitchen and then we will contact you to let you know when your dish will land on a plate in our mensa. 

On that day, we will cordially invite you and two of your friends to taste your dish for free. We look forward to your feedback as the guest chef and if the other guests in the mensa also like your dish, then we will add it to our regular menu. 

Wanted: dishes from all over the world and different regions. Share with us whether you have regional dishes in your federal state. We are happy to carry out such specials as a Saarland week, the Hessian cuisine, the Brandenburg week, or “eating like in Berlin.”

Eligibility: Participation is open to everyone! Students, employees of the university and the Studierendenwerk, as well as our mensa guests. 

We are already looking forward to working together with you! 

Please send your prescription to our contact INTERKULTURELL Annette Ettingshausen
(see contact on the right). 

More questions? We are also happy to answer them here!