Study space Vogeliusweg

Your place for learning, online meetings or movie nights.


Vogeliusweg 12–28
33100 Paderborn


The study space is located at the side entrance of building 23a, opposite Vogeliusweg 17.




Presentation of the “Vogelius Vanguards” organizational team

The “Vogelius Vanguards” organizational team takes care of the learning space on its own.

“Welcome to our Vogeliusweg study space – your go-to haven for a perfect blend of productivity and relaxation! Here's what we've crafted for you:

1. Entertainment Hub
Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience with the state-of-the-art TV. From educational documentaries to recreational movies, the entertainment possibilities are endless.

2. Cozy Relaxation Zone
Unwind in style on the comfy couches. Whether you're taking a break between study sessions or catching up with friends, these couches are designed for relaxation.

3. Dedicated Study Areas
Find your ideal study spot at the thoughtfully arranged tables. Equipped with ample lighting and a conducive environment, these tables are perfect for focused study sessions alone or with a group.

4. High-Speed Internet Access
Stay connected and productive with our high-speed internet. Whether you're conducting research, attending virtual lectures, or collaborating on projects, our reliable internet ensures seamless connectivity.

Feel the essence of collaborative learning and relaxation in the Vogeliusweg study space – your space to thrive!”


You can get access via the “Vogelius Vanguards” organizational team.
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Contact persons

  • Aybüke Mete

  • Junaid Akhter

  • Levin Schröer

  • Muhammad Wahaj Murtaza

  • Aybüke Mete

  • Junaid Akhter

  • Levin Schröer

  • Muhammad Wahaj Murtaza



  • TVs
  • WLAN


You can download the terms of use here. You can find instructions for the TVs here.

Help with booking

If you have any problems booking the room, please contact the housing management.