Mensa Vita ? .. What is it?

MensaVital is a project of a working group of students. An interdisciplinary team of chefs, diet cooks, dieticians and ecotrophologists have developed the menu line system and are continually working on further improvements. MensaVital stands for fresh, balanced and contemporary food. The specially developed recipes take account of both regional and international cooking influences as well as a balanced composition of the ingredients. All dishes are prepared without taste enhancers, but with fresh herbs - for even more aromatic taste experiences. MensaVital is the proof that healthy eating and enjoyment are not mutually exclusive!

MensaVital - principle:

• nutritional physiologically balanced composition of the ingredients  

• vitamin-friendly and low-fat preparation

• Contribution to the DGE campaign "5 a day"

 • Daily changing offer of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes in a balanced proportion

 • Do not use fried or fried food

 • fresh and natural ingredients

• Use of fresh herbs instead of seasonings Further information about mensaVital can be found at