The DeliCard for a quick way to pay!

  • Entrance to university food services

    The university food services is your point of contact for information on the DeliCard, event management, catering, or questions and feedback regarding the provided services.

  • DeliCard machines

    Locations of the DeliCard machines: Mensa foyer next to the One Way Snack, Mensa foyer next to the entrance to the ATM machine area, Mensa Academica between the registers, Mensa Forum, Bistro Hotspot, entrance to Mensa Basilica Hamm, and the entrance to Mensa Atrium Lippstadt.

  • DeliCard

    The DeliCard is the cash-free payment method used by the Studierendenwerk Paderborn (excluding the Mensula). The wait at the registers is shorter with this method of payment.

  • DeliCard at the register

    When paying at the register with the DeliCard, the card must be left on the card reader until the transaction is complete. With the DeliCard, a transaction only takes 1-2 seconds.

  • University food services

    The university food services is located on Liese-Dreyer-Weg.


If your card balance is a fixed limit when you pay at the cash desk, you can charge an agreed amount with EasyLoad directly at the cash desk - without cash. . You can find all Information <here> & in FAQ. 


In order to use the online card service, you must register your DeliCard once for the Easyload procedure. You can register with your DeliCard Service.

Which benefits and possibilities provide the online card service ? you can find all Information  <here>.

FAQs – Frequent asked questions

1. General information

How do you pay with the DeliCard?

    1. The cashier first selects the food items on the display.

    2. Place the card on the scanner.

When paying with the DeliCard, the card needs to stay on the scanner until the transaction is complete.

Please make sure that you have enough money on your DeliCard before using it.

How can I put money on the DeliCard?

Money can be put on your DeliCard by adding cash at a DeliCard machine or cashless by using the Easyload system.

What is Easyload?

If your balance falls short of your limit while paying at the register, Easyload allows you to add a predetermined amount of money directly at the register- all cashless.

Easyload is

  • fast
    By being able to add money to your card directly at the register cash-free, you no longer have to stand in line at the DeliCard machine. So you save time and can enjoy your meal sooner.
  • simple
    In order to use Easyload, you only have to come by once and register at the DeliCard-Service office.
  • individual
    You can determine your own 
    limit up to which you can add money to your card (minimum 10€). You can also decide on the amount that can be added (maximum 50€).  
  • transparent
    You can request a receipt each time you add money to your card at the register. You always have an overview of your transactions.

2. Adding money, balance

Where are the DeliCard machines?

Locations of DeliCard machines:
• Mensafoyer
• Mensa Academica
• Bistro Hotspot
• Mensa Atrium Lippstadt
• Mensa Basilica Hamm
Guest DeliCards can be purchased at the DeliCard machine in the Mensa Forum.
Please insert the DeliCard all the way into the slot. The card is then kept by the machine. Then, insert the bill into the other slot. Once the value has been added, the machine will automatically return the card back to you.

Note: You can add any amount between 5€ and 150€ onto your DeliCard.

If there is a problem with adding money to the card, please go to the DeliCard Service office the next day and report the problem. Please do not forget to bring your DeliCard

How and where can I add money to the DeliCard using Easyload?

Money can be added to your DeliCard using Easyload by making a purchase at any of the cash registers.

How often may I use Easyload per day?

In order to avoid abuse and for your protection, money can be added using Easyload only once a day. You can, however, add more money using cash.

What happens when my account balance is insufficient?

Please avoid trying to add money to your DeliCard using Easyload when your bank account balance is insufficient. If you use Easyload and the bank does not honor the payment, your DeliCard will be blocked because this will cause you to have a debt with the Studierendenwerk.

To clear your debt, you may pay with cash at the DeliCard Service office and your DeliCard will then be unblocked.




How can I find out the balance on my card?

The balance of your DeliCard is shown after every transaction at the cash register.
You can also see the balance at DeliCard machines. When you put the DeliCard into the machine, your balance will be automatically displayed. To retrieve your card, press the button on the right of the display labeled „Ausgabe.“

3. Lost cards/ return cards

Where can I return the DeliCard?

You can return the undamaged DeliCard to the DeliCard Service office located in building ME, in the lower level of the Mensa Forum.

In Hamm, Lippstadt and at the Heinz Nixdorf Forum in Paderborn, the DeliCard may be returned to a cash register  
The DeliCard Service office is located at  Liese-Dreyer-Weg.
Monday- Thursday:  8:00- 15:30.
Friday:  8:00 - 12:00

What do I do, if I lose my DeliCard?

If you lose your DeliCard, the DeliCard Service office can block it for you.

In order to block a DeliCard, we will need the DeliCard serial number, located on your receipt or your SEPA direct debit mandate. If you don’t have the serial number, it may be possible to block the card using your bank account details.

If you find your card after it has been blocked, you will need to register again for Easyload.

If you don’t use Easyload, your card may only be blocked by presenting the original receipt of purchase.

4. Changes

Can I change my limit and the amount to add?

You can change at any time the limit and the amount to add that was determined originally at registration. In order to do this, please come by the DeliCard-Service office.

How can I change my bank details?

It is possible to change your bank details. Please come by the DeliCard-Service Office.

How can I cancel Easyload?

If you no longer wish to use Easyload, please come by the DeliCard-Service office to cancel your Easyload account. Please bring your DeliCard, a picture I.D., and your bank card.


You can sign your cancellation at the office. With the cancellation of your Easyload account, the SEPA direct debit mandate will also be canceled

5. Miscellaneous

What happens with my personal information ?

The Studierendenwerk uses a data field on the DeliCard that doesn’t collect any personal information.  When paying, only the serial number of the card, the user group and the expiration date are noted.

The Easyload service also doesn’t electronically collect and save personal information like name, address, or user profile.

The DeliCard is only connected to the bank details given on the SEPA direct debit mandate, which is needed for the transaction to add money to your card. 

 Other than that, no other data is electronically saved. The Data Protection Act of North-Rhine Westphalia is strictly adhered to.






Can international students use Easyload?

Currently, Easyload is only available to those who have an account with a German bank or credit union

Any further questions?


Our staff at the DeliCard Service office will gladly help you, if you have any further questions. Questions and suggestions can also be sent to the following email address:  E-Mail schreiben

The DeliCard for a quick and easy payment!

The Delicard is the cash free payment system of the Studierendenwerk Paderborn (not including the Mensula). Paying with the DeliCard only takes 1-2 seconds. This means that customers do not need to stand in line for a long period of time.

The DeliCard is for students, staff and guests.

For Students: Students pay less for their meals than other dining guests because their meals are subsidized by the Studentenwerk. For this reason, students must show their student identity card at a cash register at the beginning of every semester.

DeliCards are sold here

  • cash only registers at Mensa Academica
  • Mensa Forum (only for guests)
  • Grill Café
  • Lädchen
  • Caféte
  • Bistro Hotspot
  • Mensa Basilica Hamm
  • Mensa Atrium Lippstadt