Mensa Basilica Hamm

Snacks, drinks, and warm lunches

From Monday to Friday, the Mensa Basilica of the Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt (HSHL) offers you breakfast, specialty coffees and also a warm lunch menu.

Our offer for Thursday, 21. October 2021


Excluding allergens and additives

Meals that include the allergens and additives that you select will be filtered from the search.



The list of ingredients is based on information that is provided by the producers and suppliers. Because a great variety of food is produced at the factories, it is possible that cross-contamination occurs and non-indicated ingredients are contained in the products. Furthermore, the operation of an industrial size kitchen calls for different food components to be mixed and thus, inherits the risk that food-contamination can occur, yet again. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our meals do not contain ingredients that are not listed. The Studierendenwerk Paderborn accepts no liability for the accuracy of the lists of ingredients.

Main dishes

Asia Bowl mit Geflügel, Gemüse, Wildreis und Ananas

Bowl with chicken, vegetables, rice and pineapple

Student: 3,90 €
Staff: 5,60 €
Guests: 6,70 €
Ingredients/Nutritional information

Ingredients Gluten
Soy and products/foods containing soy
Sulfur und sulfite

Nutritional information Calorific value = 3320 kJ (793 kcal)
Fat = 19,5g
Carbohydrates = 98,4g
Protein = 50,6g

Schupfnudelpfanne mit Waldpilzen

Swabian gnocchi with wild mushrooms

Student: 1,90 €
Staff: 3,60 €
Guests: 4,70 €
Ingredients/Nutritional information

Ingredients Food coloring
Milk protein
Eggs and products/foods containing eggs
Milk and products/foods containing milk (including lactose)
Celery and products/foods containing celery

Nutritional information Calorific value = 2491 kJ (595 kcal)
Fat = 11,2g
Carbohydrates = 101,9g
Protein = 18,5g

Side dishes

Möhrenstifte mit Korinader- Kerbel Pesto

Carrot sticks with corinader chervil pesto

Student: 0,60 €
Staff: 0,80 €
Guests: 0,95 €
Ingredients/Nutritional information

Ingredients Nuts and products/foods containing nuts

Nutritional information Calorific value = 743 kJ (178 kcal)
Fat = 12,4g
Carbohydrates = 9,4g
Protein = 4,9g



Peach curd

Student: 0,60 €
Staff: 0,80 €
Guests: 1,20 €
Ingredients/Nutritional information

Ingredients Milk protein
Milk and products/foods containing milk (including lactose)

Nutritional information Calorific value = 1060 kJ (253 kcal)
Fat = 2,1g
Carbohydrates = 39,6g
Protein = 17,0g

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