Mensa Atrium - Lippstadt

Reopening of the Canteens: From 19th October 2021!

From 10:00 AM the Mensa offers breakfast with different sandwiches and potato rolls. You can also get hot and cold drinks, sweets and bakery products.

At 11:30 AM opens the main meals counter of the Mensa with warm meals for lunch and supplements and desserts.

The dining hall closes at 01:30 PM.

Seating is available as well as our offer to get the dishes to-go in an own box or the desposit-free reusable dishes from vytal.

Outside the food service, we offer the facility as a learning space for students.
Daily from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

PAYMENT: Cashless via DeliCard.

HYGIENE: 3G-rule apply, external guests has to follow the 2G-rule. Comply with the distance and mask obligation at the traffic routes.

For students, employees of the university and the Studierendenwerk Paderborn.

Catering after the 3G-control, which has already taken place at the university entrances.

For external guests

  1. Take-away food after 3G control, which has already been considered at the university entrances.
  2. Food at the seats according to 2G, which is controled at the cash desks.

Mensa Atrium Lippstadt

Our offer for Wednesday, 08. December 2021


Excluding allergens and additives

Meals that include the allergens and additives that you select will be filtered from the search.



The list of ingredients is based on information that is provided by the producers and suppliers. Because a great variety of food is produced at the factories, it is possible that cross-contamination occurs and non-indicated ingredients are contained in the products. Furthermore, the operation of an industrial size kitchen calls for different food components to be mixed and thus, inherits the risk that food-contamination can occur, yet again. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our meals do not contain ingredients that are not listed. The Studierendenwerk Paderborn accepts no liability for the accuracy of the lists of ingredients.

Main dishes

Crispy tofu nuggets with curry ketchup and french fries

Student: 3,80 €
Staff: 4,55 €
Guests: 5,70 €
Ingredients/Nutritional information

Ingredients Antioxidants
Soy and products/foods containing soy

Nutritional information Calorific value = 4133 kJ (987 kcal)
Fat = 42,0g
Carbohydrates = 112,3g
Protein = 33,0g

Side dishes

Side salad vinaigrette

Student: 0,60 €
Staff: 0,80 €
Guests: 1,20 €
Ingredients/Nutritional information

Ingredients Mustard and products/foods containing mustard

Nutritional information Calorific value = 968 kJ (231 kcal)
Fat = 23,3g
Carbohydrates = 4,1g
Protein = 2,4g


Grünkohleintopf mit Mettwurstscheiben

Holsteiner kale with smoked pork

Student: 1,90 €
Staff: 3,60 €
Guests: 4,70 €
Ingredients/Nutritional information

Ingredients Preservatives
Nitrite pickling salt
Mustard and products/foods containing mustard

Nutritional information Calorific value = 2241 kJ (535 kcal)
Fat = 27,0g
Carbohydrates = 40,3g
Protein = 27,6g


Oreo Mousse

Mousse with Oreo biscuit

Student: 1,20 €
Staff: 1,45 €
Guests: 1,80 €
Ingredients/Nutritional information

Ingredients Milk protein
Soy and products/foods containing soy
Milk and products/foods containing milk (including lactose)

Nutritional information Calorific value = 946 kJ (226 kcal)
Fat = 16,1g
Carbohydrates = 16,0g
Protein = 3,6g

low fat low fat vegetarian vegetarian vegan vegan lactose-free lactose-free Mensa-vital Mensa-vital low calorie low calorie