Paderborn Campus

Mensa Academica

  • Staircase to the Mensa Academica

  • You can put together your own individual salad at the salad and antipasti counter.

  • Whether vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous: Mensa Academica offers a wide range of options.

  • The Mensa Academica has a total of 900 seats.

  • Via the food guidance system, guests can see what is on offer that day directly above the food counter.

  • The outdoor area of ​​the Mensa Academica offers the best view of the campus.

Mensa Forum

  • Entrance

  • The Forum has 520 seats over two floors (900 m²). It has a good view of the surrounding and treetops, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

  • The new counter offers a big variety of sandwiches, coffee specialities and other snacks.

  • The forum offers a diverse selection of sandwiches.

  • On nice sunny days, students can eat outside. The large patio outside the Forum is very inviting.


  • The "Picknick" welcomes guests Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 8 pm.

  • The "Picknick" has 4 different vending machines for self-service.

  • The 500 m² "Picknick" has 370 seats.

Bona Vista

  • The open lounge area with bar tables and armchairs invites you to linger.

  • We welcome you in our Bona Vista.

  • The solution against the small thirst or hunger. In the Bona Vista you will find delicious coffee specialties.

  • From chocolate cookies to raspberry brownies: the sweet snacks are not neglected.

  • We welcome you in our Bona Vista.


  • The pizza and tarte flambee are freshly prepared right behind the counter.

  • The modern but also comfortable design of the Grill|Café invites you to stay.

  • When you placed your order, you get a pager that you can take with you to a table for waiting. The signal sound of the pager tells you when your food is ready to take.

  • You can get pizza and tarte flambee in the Grill|Café anytime.

Mensa ZM2

  • The Mensa ZM2 offers you cold and warm meals from the campus.

  • The coffee bar offers you cold and hot drinks, buns, cakes, snacks and paninis throughout the day, to cover the company catering, while the lunch kitchen offers cold and warm food, desserts and drinks.

  • The Mensa ZM2 is accesible for everyone and is located at the Zukunftsmeile 2 in 33102 Paderborn.