Paderborn Campus

Mensa Academica

  • Electronic signs

    Thanks to the electronic signs, guests can see on monitors located directly over the counters what meals are on offer for the day.

  • Salad and antipasti bar

    In the Mensa Academica, you can create your own salad at the salad and antipasti bar.

  • Variety

    Are you looking for a vegetarian or vegan meal, or your friends would like a juicy steak with fries? No problem! In the Mensa Academica, there is a large selection of food so that people with different tastes can still dine together.

  • Seating

    With 900 seats, the Mensa Academica has plenty of seats for everyone to dine together.

Mensa Forum

  • Food service

    Through the electronic monitors located above the counters, guests can easily see what meals are on offer.

  • Food service

    Three food distribution counters, a pasta bar and a salad bar provide a great selection of food.

  • Seating and atmosphere

    The Mensa Forum has 600 seats over two floors (900 m²). It has a good view of the surrounding and treetops, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Campus

    With its glass facade, the Mensa Forum appears modern and inviting.

  • Campus

    The large glass facade and the cherry tree blossoms allow you to enjoy your lunch in the sun.

  • Vegan-Stand

    Täglich können Sie an diesem Stand ein veganes Gericht genießen.


  • Bread rolls and pastries

    Delicious bread rolls and pastries are available all day long at the Caféte.

  • Seating

    The Caféte offers comfortable seating so that you can enjoy your meal.

  • Seating

    The island of palm trees in the middle of the seating area helps to create an enjoyable dining experience.

  • Learning Area

    In der Learning Area können Sie den Laptop und ihre Unterlagen auspacken und bei einem heißen Kaffee die nächsten Hausarbeiten erledigen.

Bona Vista

  • Seat options

    We invite you to linger! A special highlight of the Bona Vista: the open living area with bar tables and armchairs.

  • Bona Vista

    We welcome you in our Bona Vista!

  • Coffee enjoyment

    The solution against the small thirst or hunger. In the Bona Vista you will find delicious coffee specialties!

  • Sweet and savory snacks

    From the chocolate cookie to the raspberry brownie: the sweet snacks are not forgotten!

Mensa ZM2

  • Mensa ZM2

    The Mensa ZM2 offers you cold and warm meals from the campus.

  • Counters

    The coffee bar offers you cold and hot drinks, buns, cakes, snacks and paninis throughout the day, to cover the company catering, while the lunch kitchen offers cold and warm food, desserts and drinks.

  • Visitors

    The Mensa ZM2 is accesible for everyone and is located at the Fürstenallee in Paderborn with the following adress: Zukunftsmeile 2 in 33102 Paderborn.

  • Atmosphere

    The Mensa ZM2 invites you to rest with its bright, modern design. Enjoy the atmosphere.


  • The Lädchen

    The Lädchen is located in building ME, in the foyer of the Mensa.

  • A special shopping facility

    The Lädchen is a convenient store on campus that has a lot to offer. Some sweets for your study breaks or your favorite local newspaper? Whatever you need, we’ve got it.

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