The day care center “Uni-Zwerge” consists of three groups offering 45 places. It is located on the campus of the University of Paderborn.

In each of the three groups, there is a large communal room with a built-in mini kitchen and two adjoining rooms. The adjoining rooms are used for a sleeping room and an activity room. All the children have access to and share two washrooms and toilets suitable for children.

The spacious gymnasium can be used by the groups on different days or for joint events and activities. The facility also includes an office, a kitchen, storage rooms, a staff room, and restrooms.

Each group has its own access to the large outdoor play area, which is appropriate for small children and offers opportunities to explore and Play.

Pohlweg 45a

The KiTa is located on campus directly in the Vogeliusweg residential community. There is a bus stop nearby which gives you easy access to downtown and the surrounding areas.

The large playground in the KiTa offers opportunities to explore play and run around.