Day care centers

As the Studierendenwerk Paderborn, we are the sponsor of the facility and provide places for children of students of the University of Paderborn and places for children of working parents from the area as well as for children of employees of the university.

There are a variety of synergies between the day-care centers and the University of Paderborn, which have an enriching effect on everyday life in the day-care centers. In many cases, students and employees of the university take part in projects (e.g. in the fields of mathematics or sports) that are carried out together with the day care centers of the Studierendenwerk.


  • Outdoor area

    The outdoor area offers not only a lot of space to play in the sun, but also in the shade.

  • Playground

    The outdoor area is excellently equipped with a playhouse with a slide, two big sandpits, a nest swing, and a swing set. The paved paths allow children to ride Bobby-cars, tricycles, balancing bikes and tractors or to push their dolls in strollers.

  • Indoor area

    The indoor area of the MS Kunigunde has much to offer. The rooms have been creatively decorated together with the children.