Wanted: Guest chefs for WS 2016/17

In our Guest chef event we received recipes from Mesopotamien (Assyrer/Aramäer), Chile, China, Ecuador, India, Luxemburg, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and the U.S. The recipes were checked for feasibility in the mensa and some of the recipes were actually served in the Mensa Academica. Six of the dishes, due to their popularity, are now part of the permanent Mensa Academica menu.

We are now planning for WS 2016/17 another Guest chef event. You can already start sending in your recipes.

Is your country/ethnicity not yet on the list? Or, is it represented but you still have another recipe to share that is very typical, whether it be traditional or modern? Send us your recipe along with a brief explanation as to why you think the recipe truly represents your country or ethnicity. You may be selected as one of the guest chefs for this coming semester! Or maybe one of your friends? 

By the way, Germany, of course, belongs to our multicultural campus! What is typical German food and what makes it traditional?

Send your recipes to: Food service

The Guest chef event is open to all students and staff at the University of Paderborn and Studierendenwerk Paderborn.



  • Verifying that the dish can be prepared in the Mensa.
  • Intercultural week with tasting of all selected dishes by the guest chefs.
  • Inclusion of the most popular dishes in the permanent menu of the Mensa.
  • Creation of an intercultural cookbook Mensa Paderborn.