Trainings available

The Studierendenwerk offers a great variety of training specializations in its different sections; institutional catering, finance and accounting, human resources, IT, day care centers, press and public relations/ promotion of culture, and technical and building management.

On-the-job Training



The Studierendenwerk Paderborn offers trainees a great overview of the occupation of cook. In the training restaurant Mensula, trainees can learn everything about the handling of raw products. Basic recipes are also taught. However, our most important aim is that the trainees learn to come up with their own creations and versions of the basic recipes. In the canteen kitchen, trainees learn what it is like to work in a big team, how to integrate themselves into the work process, and to take on certain responsibilities. Being able to efficiently deal with and use modern technologies are essential parts of this experience.

Office Manager

Office manager trainees gain work experience in the different areas of administration at the Studierendenwerk during their training: finance and accounting, human resources, management, catering (including purchase and inventory management), building management, technical management, and administration of trainings.

IT Management Assistant

During your three-year training, you will be working in a team designing, customizing, and implementing IT and telecommunication systems.  The IT department meets the needs of the various departments by implementing the most advanced IT systems.

Generally, we offer a full-time training for 3 years starting on August 1st. In exceptional cases, a part-time training may be possible.

The Studierendenwerk's trainings have been tested and certified by the IHK Ostwestfalen zu Bielefeld.