Offered internships

Internships for child care specialist training

Those studying at a technical college for pedagogy can complete various internships or do their one-year internship needed for graduation at the Studierendenwerk KiTa.

Students at a technical school of social and health care must also complete an internship, which can be done at the Studierendenwerk KiTa.

The complexity of the catering business and the administration of the Studierendenwerk not only offer a large variety of vocational training but also internships.

Internships for pupils

While participating in an exploratory internship, pupils get a first glimpse of every day work life.

One-year internships

We are currently offering two internships in the area of marketing and public relations. These internships can be used for the alternative A-levels in design in marketing or in preparation for higher education.

Retraining internships/Company internships

In cooperation with various institutes, agencies, and vocational training centers.